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Lechtzer Incorporated Sensit PMD Portable Methane Detector

Sensit® Portable Methane Detector

Natural Gas detection instruments are used industry wide to survey, pinpoint and grade leaks wherever they occur. Natural Gas Utilities attempt to survey as efficiently and reliably as possible. Currently two classes of instruments are widely used. The first is the Flame Ionization Detector (FID), which is used for trace (parts-per-million) detection.


Optics Capabilities

Our scientists and engineers have more than 50 years experience working in fabrication and use of specialized and exotic optical materials and the ability to handle virtually any type of electrooptic, acoustooptic or magnetooptic materials, ...
Optical Methane Detector mounted on a survey truck

Optical Methane Detector

The team at Lechtzer Incorporated brings extensive experience to the conception, design, prototyping and testing of new techniques and instruments for commercial and governmental applications. Our particular strengths are in automated data acquisition or robotic systems, optical sensors and devices especially in the area of energy and utility related technologies. We have developed new patented fielded detectors and calibration systems some of which have been in continuous use for 30 years. Our optical natural gas detection innovations have paved the way for more efficient and more accurate optical leak surveying with significant documented savings for natural gas utilities. The same techniques are currently being used and developed for other users, including oil, mining, as well as fire and safety first responders.

In our laboratory we have all the tools and skill necessary to develop novel detector elements and automated systems. Our efforts are supported by master opticians who have 80+ combined years of experience in grinding, cutting, shaping, handling, inspecting and polishing some of the most demanding military and commercial applications. We have worked with nearly every conceivable materials system, from halides, metals, semiconductors and chalcogenides, including electrooptic, acoustooptic, piezoelectric and magnetooptic materials, isotropic and highly anisotropic materials in all orientations, thickness, and shapes.