Lechtzer Incorporated is focused on producing novel techniques and technologies for solving commercial and governmental problems. In the area of optics we have assembled an optical device prototyping shop with world class talent to allow for rapid experimentation in a wide variety of materials in-house research and development. The projects listed on our website have all benefited from this capability in their inception.


Lechtzer has the capability to design, simulate and prototype a wide variety of research grade and commercial grade electronics. Typically signals are derived from sensor interfaces and raw sensor signal conditioning and then processed for actuation. Our activities are geared towards the development of novel detectors and measurement systems for new commercial or research instruments.


Ultimately a system’s capabilities are the result of how well distinct subsystems interact to form a whole. Bringing a product to market means having the broad range of knowledge and experience required to efficiently create structure and achieve interconnectivity between subsystems.

Mechanical Design

An integral part of device development is the mechanical design. Basic design tools are available for the production of novel prototypes including 2D and 3D CAD. We have developed a number of research and commercial prototypes which have gone into limited and worldwide production and distribution with minimal design change.