Doing Business With Us

Lechtzer, Inc. provides specialty-equipment invention, design, engineering, prototyping, testing and manufacturing in the areas of optics and power monitoring. We help clients to exploit market opportunities. We develop novel systems in a flexible way taking into consideration the requirements of the client and application. A general approach is shown below:

  1. STUDY: A feasibility-study is performed in which the potential and possible solutions are explored with respect to technical, operational, and financial constraints. This type of assessment typically includes a short development proposal with timeline estimates and financial commitment expectations for prototype solutions.
  2. DESIGN: Once a specific solution has been identified, a detailed design may be developed including engineering calculations, component evaluations and associated manufacturing costs and schedules. The finished design is presented to engineering and management.
  3. PROTOTYPING: After a design has been accepted, prototypes are created and evaluated by the client. This involves schematics, drawings, quotes, ordering parts and equipment for system integration and finalizing a test and evaluation plan. The prototype is tested and demonstrated according to the protocol and refined as needed.
  4. MANUFACTURING: Lechtzer can coordinate or manufacture commercial versions of the prototype for or with the client. Several models are possible for sales and servicing depending on ownership and revenue-sharing arrangements.
  5. LICENSING: Intellectual property ownership arrangements are worked out on a case by case basis.