Sensors and Data Acquisition

Data acquisition begins with the physical phenomenon or physical property of an object to be measured. This physical property or phenomenon could be the temperature, light intensity, pressure inside a chamber, chemical property such a pH, displacement, or force, for example. An effective data acquisition system can measure any of these different properties or phenomena.

A sensor or transducer is a device that converts a physical property into a corresponding measurable electrical signal, such as voltage, current, change in resistance, inductance, capacitance or magnetization. Appropriate signal conditioning techniques are used to adequately condition signals into voltages that can then be digitized and integrated for optimized actuation

Electronics Design, Simulation and Prototyping

Lechtzer has the capability to design, simulate and prototype a wide variety of research grade and commercial grade electronics. Typically signals are derived from sensor interfaces and raw sensor signal conditioning and then processed intelligently for passive or active sensing systems. Our activities are geared towards the development of novel detectors and measurement systems for new commercial or research instruments.

Embedded Control

System automation is provided by microprocessor embedded control using a selection from the now wide variety of available microcontroller families, such as Freescale, TI, or PIC products. We have experience with a wide variety of sensors and peripherals to develop the appropriate level of measurement and control for the application.