Optical Spectroscopy

Lechtzer Incorporated conducts major research and development programs for the development of novel automated spectroscopic devices and systems. The systems generally employ interferometric optical techniques to target optical absorption lines which are determined by the quantum states of the target species. A unique signature for the target is used to discriminate the presence of the agent/event in real time through the use of the appropriate optical filtering techniques. Target signals are then used to produce an automated tracking/warning system which is integrated into a turnkey device. One example is the Optical Methane Detector, which uses a high speed birefringent etalon filter to select a series of characteristic absorption features in the optical spectrum of methane. The high sensitivity of the OMD and its open optical sampling path allows it to sample a large volume of air for methane in real time. Our laboratory includes the capability to do all the optics and electronics design, prototyping, and software development to produce such instruments.