Optics Capabilities

Our scientists and engineers have more than 50 years experience working in fabrication and use of specialized and exotic optical materials and the ability to handle virtually any type of electrooptic, acoustooptic or magnetooptic materials, including glasses, single crystals, organic materials, metals, halides, chalcogenide and semiconductor materials. A short list of more specific examples is listed below.

  • Alon
  • Amtir 1,2 and 3
  • Barium Flouride (BaF2)
  • Borosilicate Crown Glass (BK-7)
  • Calcium Flouride (CaF2)
  • Cleartran (multi-spectral)
  • Fused Silica (SiO2)
  • Gallium Arsenide (GaAs)
  • Germanium (GE)
  • Indium Arsenide (InAs)
  • Magnesium Flouride (MgF2)
  • Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT)
  • Sapphire (Al2O3)
  • Silicon (Si)
  • Zinc Selenide (ZnSe)
  • Zinc Sulfide (ZnS)


Our custom cutting machine with diamond cutting saws can fashion optical elements into any size, with the capability of cutting parts ranging from 1mm to 300mm.

Grinding, Polishing, Beveling, and Edging

Grinding and polishing is done in-house as well for research purposes. We are not a high volume but a high quality prototyping shop. Some of the surfaces made by our optical staff are among the highest quality precision surfaces ever measured anywhere.

3D Folded Path Delay Line

3D Folded Path Delay Line

Click here to view this 3-D folded path delay line.